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Through client led demand, in the last 12 months we have again significantly accelerated the breadth of our offering through strategic channel partners. Our recent partnership announcement with Charles River being the latest OEMS to deliver our trader intelligence via their platform:

OTAS analytics are now integrated into the majority of market leading front end Order Management and Trading systems globally, strengthening our partners existing offering by providing leading edge technologies and process relevant analyses linked directly to their clients live order pads.

From initial order acknowledgement and strategy implementation, through in-trade exception management to the final execution fill and post-trade recording, our applications ensure each client/trader has the toolkit to maximise their execution efficiency by keeping them constantly connected with their orders(single stock and consolidated pad level) in way that provides complete transparency for every trading decision they make.

This simple flow chart demonstrates how our trading analytics are applied at various stages in the life cycle of client orders directly through the traders Execution Management System.

Progressive, forward thinking asset managers and trading firms understand the real need to embrace technology to create real alpha in their investment process. As the trading landscape looks set to change again in 2018 with the implementation of MIFID II, firms not using smart technologies will be heavily disadvantaged in an ever increasingly quantitative and systematic marketplace. Let OTAS help you solve those challenges.
Dont get left behind, speak to us directly at or contact your EMS provider on how we can improve efficiency, transparency and profitability across your desk.